The Skeleton Coast


The Skeleton Coast

Both haunting and evocative, The Skeleton Coast is a treacherous stretch of wild Atlantic shore running for around 500km alongside a desert heaped high with giant sand dunes. Situated in the remote north-western corner of Namibia the Skeleton Coast, much of which is protected within a national park, is arguably one of the loneliest stretches of coastline in Africa, and certainly among the continent’s most fascinating and untouched wilderness areas. Once an area for seafarers to fear thanks to its treacherous shoreline – where shipwrecked sailors would almost certainly perish for lack of fresh water – it is an epic place of solitude, beauty and tranquillity.  The location possibilities are endless, for those brave enough to take it on.

Like adjoining Damaraland, The Skeleton Coast is also one of the few places anywhere in the world where elephant, black rhino, giraffe and lions occur in a desert environment – many have been the subject of documentaries on survival.

It is definitely one of our favourite places to be.

© All Images by Gavin McJannet