The Faroe Islands


The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands do get rather a lot of bad press and I was repeatedly asked why we would visit, given some of these. Freedom of choice and the ability to make one’s own mind up seems to have been lost on a few vitriolic keyboard warriors, most of whom would probably get sweaty palms at the mere thought of leaving unsocial media to step out and do some community work or even grab a cup of tea. That said, and whilst we don’t in any way condone their whaling practices, I really am not going to work myself up into a froth over traditions and national pastimes. It is certainly not what we were there for.

The place really is tiny, boasting the smallest national capital worldwide, with the smallest population to boot. The islands do sort of fall under Denmark, which really doesn’t seem to impress the Faroese much. Arriving on a chilly, wet and rather windy day, we collected a rental and practiced driving on the wrong side of the road by attempting to leave the airport through the entrance.

Torshavn is a rather rapid drive in the from the airport (which is on a different island to the capital city), where we were met by pretty much the entire Faroese population – it turns out that they were there for a whole other reason, but it did make me feel a little special, especially when looking for a parking. I am not sure if it was an annual get together or some sort of seafood festival but there were several displays of the ugliest + weirdest fish I have ever seen – all very tasty though. Despite all the seafood, the national dish appears to be a hotdog, which is dispensed at roadside cafes and petrol stations everywhere – this also seems to be a bit of a Danish thing …

The Islands are often wet & windy but amazing, with some incredible, scenic locations.  A bit of a wander is often involved to get to some of the most interesting places and driving through the narrow tunnels can be bit daunting. But so worth it. It has taken a while to get the project we have been working on up and running, especially after having had to sit out the Covid years. Our clients are shaking their money tree and we’re really looking forward to getting the cameras out.

All images by Gavin McJannet / © Firecracker Collective 2023